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Utility Detection

Utility detection and mapping (UMAP) provides a safe foundation for excavation sites by identifying and recording the location and attributes of subsurface infrastructures.

What is Utility Detection?

Most utilities are buried underground to maintain aesthetic value. However, the hidden nature of these utilities presents a hazard to contractors during site excavation. Hence, prior utility detection and mapping are crucial to avoid accidental damage.

Benefits to Utility Detection

Eliminating accidental damages to underground utilities
Acquiring permits from local councils.
Avoiding unnecessary repairs, complaints, and penalties from service owners or the public.
Preventing worker fatalities and injuries on worksites
Better planning for utility relocation and installation
Key element for insurance coverage

Utility Detection Process

Electromagnetic Locators (EML) and accessories, including flexitrace and sonde, pinpoint live conductive or non-metallic utilities.

Using the aforementioned equipment, the horizontal position (X, Y) and depth (Z) of underground utilities are then accurately located and reflected in easily interpretable drawings that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure data.

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