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Safe Digging

Safe digging by using Vacuum excavation or “soft dig” is a non-mechanical and less invasive method of excavation. A high-pressure air or water is used to breakdown or loosen the soil and break up any large materials. The loose soil is then vacuum using and air vacuum hose to a holding tank. The dry soil can be reused to backfill the hole and the wet soil can be transported out of the site to a designated area.

Vacuum excavation reduces the need for manual excavation (using hand dig) or using bucket excavation. Is if a quicker method of excavation compared to hand dig. Contractors do not need to worry about damaging cables or puncturing water pipes when using vacuum excavation, which would result in the need for costly repairs. High-pressure air or water and a high- powered vacuum work around the utilities without injuring the insulation.

Contractor uses a vacuum excavator for ‘potholing’ or ‘piloting’ to reveal underground utilities, especially in highly congested utility areas. These are the areas which the excavator bucket cannot not access and where manual excavation can be risky for the workers.

Damaged utilities can be a nightmare to contractors. They can face a high cost to repair the damaged utilities besides getting a huge bill from the utility owner. Things can be safer with vacuum excavation. In Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, where open corridor for new utility installation is next to none, vacuum excavation can be the best and most practical solution.

Applications for Vacuum Excavation

  1. Piloting or potholing to reveal underground utilities
  2. Manhole and ducting installation in highly congested utility areas
  3. Telecommunication manhole/pit cleaning
  4. Precision hole digging
  5. Mud and debris cleaning

Practical Uses Are For the Following Areas:

City Centres

Oil and Gas Plants

Rail Works

Pipe/Cable Laying

Power Station

Industrial Plants


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