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GPR Survey

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey is a precise and data-driven technique for detecting underground utilities without excavating the Earth.

What is GPR?

Ground Penetrating Radar is a non-destructive, rapid geophysical locating method operating on electromagnetic waves to pinpoint objects hidden in the ground. GPR equipment produces high-frequency electromagnetic pulses that reflect off subsurface structures, allowing for imaging and data collection.

Why use GPR?

GPR is useful in detecting and locating non-metallic materials underground such concrete, polyethylene (HDPE/PE), fibre optics and concrete – GPR is useful for detecting and locating underground materials such as concrete, polyethylene (HDPE/PE), fiber optics, and concrete. Additional applications of GPR include:

Non-Metallic Utilities
Concrete Foundations
Buried Manhole Covers
Buried Septic Tanks

GPR Considerations

With GPR equipment, environmental conditions are taken into account to cultivate its full potential. It’s important to note that GPR is sensitive to ground conductivity.

If the conductivity is high (e.g. high water table), the electromagnetic waves soften and no information will be gathered from the depth. Hence, we do not recommend using GPR for areas with high density of clay, silty soil, and salty water.

Generally, GPR is most efficient if the resistivity is above 100Ωm and less efficient if the resistivity is lower than 50Ωm.

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