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In today’s interconnected world, telecommunication providers must maintain fast and reliable connections. Our services assist telecommunication providers in safeguarding their cable networks.

Issues Within Telecommunications

As the world advances into the 5G era, there is a growing increase in fiber-optic cable installations nationwide. These non-metallic glass fiber cables, however, pose challenges for detection using conventional methods. Moreover, incidents of third-party contractors cutting fiber cables have emerged as another significant cause of internet service disruptions, particularly in urban areas with underground fiber installations. Although the cost to repair the cables might be marginal compared to the indirect downtime cost, it is still a preventable expense.

Our Role in Telecommunications

We locate and map underground utilities primarily for contractors carrying out horizontal direct drilling (HDD), open excavation, telecommunications pole installations, micro trenching work, manhole installations, and locating and retrieving missing manhole covers using ground penetrating radar.

Telecommunications Stakeholders

High-Tech Companies
Multi-National Banks
Educational Institutions
Home Owners

The Process of Our Services

Fiber-optic cables, being non-metallic, are not detectable using electromagnetic locators. To address this, our specialized team employs a wide range of equipment as listed.

This flexitrace is inserted into an empty duct, the transmitter is then connected to the flexitrace to produce signals; these signals will be traced using a locator to detect the position (X, Y) and depth (Z) of the duct. This method ensures precise alignment of the telecommunication ducting.

Fiberglass Rod
Copper Insert

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