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As a result of widespread quarrying, the many issues with faulty sewerage systems and pipelines are crucial to address as they will likely affect the community on a large scale. Our competency focuses on supporting sewerage systems in preventing and managing said issues better.

Issues Within Sewerage

Environmental pollution is a significant problem where damaged sewer lines are concerned. Waste leakages from the affected pipes will eventually land in natural water sources such as rivers and streams; eventually making its way to our daily water supplies. What’s more, excavation work may also lead to missing manhole covers due to either premixed materials or covered with soil or dirt.

Our Role in Sewerage

We engage in strategic collaborations with sewerage contractors in major sewerage system projects including sewer pipe laying, pipe jacking operations, open excavations, and pipe maintenance.

Benefits of Sewerage

Reduce the likelihood of accidental damage during excavation, HDD, or pipe jacking operations.
Lowered project costs through precise utility location, thereby avoiding disruption-related expenses.
Expedited project timelines by minimizing preventable delayed work incidents.

The Technology We Use

We eliminate the risk of damaged sewer lines through a combination of equipment.

Radio Detection
Flexitrace/ Sonde
Metal Detector
Ground Penetrating Radar

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