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Property Development

Property developers constantly excavate and chart underground utilities, especially in urban areas.
Our expertise helps the developers map the areas and avoid unnecessary damage and costs.

Issues within
Property Development

As new development soars, the number of underground utilities being laid increases day by day particularly in urban areas. The need to locate and map these cables are necessary to avoid damage by contractors. Damages to utilities will disrupt the daily activities of the community within vicinity property development. The last thing developers want to hear is days of interrupted water supply to a township or a downtime in telecommunication services.

Our Role in Property Development

We help to eliminate the uncertainties when commencing excavation works. By accurately locating and mapping the underground utilities route and depth, contractors can safely excavate without the risk of damaging any utilities.

Benefits to Property Developers

Avoid accidental damages
Minimize disruption costs
Prevents stop-work incidents
Avoid public complaints due to disruptions
Avoid lawsuits from service providers
Uphold and protect a good reputation

How We Serve
Property Developers

Property development requires excavations on project sites with the risk of damaging utility pipes and cables. We help to mitigate these risks through:

Utility Detection
GPR Survey
Engineering Servey
Safe Digging

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