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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are integral in modern life, but the risk of pipeline leakage in urban areas is substantial. Our services are designed to enhance safety, compliance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility for the oil and gas industry, effectively moderating these risks.

Issues Within Oil & Gas

Oil and gas pipelines serve as the underlying infrastructure for the transportation and distribution of natural gas and oil. While main pipelines are typically laid within dedicated corridors underground, distribution network pipes are often situated alongside other utilities. This arrangement poses a heightened risk of accidental damage during excavation activities.

The Technology We Use

Detecting these buried oil and gas pipelines requires a combination of advanced equipment encompassing radiodetection, flexitrace, and for some instances, such as detecting manhole covers, metal detectors or ground penetrating radars are applied

Benefits of Oil and Gas

Reduced risk of accidental damage by excavation, HDD, or pipe jacking
Reduced project cost by locating these services and avoiding disruption cost
Reduced time of project where stop work is avoidable

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Oil and Gas


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