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As the world progressing into the 5G era, more and more fiberoptic cables are being laid throughout the country.


The glass made cable has a non-metallic material which can be troublesome to detect using conventional locating method.


Fiber cable cut incidents by third party contractors have become one of the major cause of internet service down especially in urban areas where fiber cables are laid underground.


High tech companies, multi-national banks, factories, educational institutions and home owners are highly depend with the internet and this situation causes costly impact especially to the business customers.


The cost to repair the cables might be marginal compared to the indirect downtime cost which might be exorbitant

How Our Service Can Help

In view of this, our dedicated team will use a flexitrace, a fiberglass rod with copper insert. This flexitrace will then be inserted inside an empty duct. Once this is done, the copper will be energized with AC current which creates the electromagnetic field which will then be detected by using the locator. This method will give accurate alignment of the  telecommunication ducting.


We help many contractors which carryout horizontal direct drilling (HDD) works, open excavation works, telecom pole installation, micro trenching works and manhole installation works.


We also work to locate missing manhole cover by using metal detector and ground penetrating radar or GPR

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