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As new development soars, the number of underground utilities being laid is increasing day by day especially in urban area. The need to locate and map these cables are necessary to avoid damaged by contractors appointed by developers. A damaged to utilities will distrupt the daily activities of the community within property development. The last thing developer wants to hear is days of interrupted water supply to a township or a downtime in telecommunication services.

How Our Service Can Help

We help to eliminate the uncertainties when carryout excavation works. By accurately locate and map the underground utilities route and depth, contractors can safely excavate without the risk of damaging any utilities.


We use latest high-tech equipment where radiodetection equipment combine with ground penetrating radar (GPR) and flexitrace which can:

Reduce risk of accidental damaged by excavation, HDD or pipe jacking

Reduce project cost by locating these services and avoid disruption cost

Reduce time of project where stop work is avoidable

Reduce public complaints from utility disruption and outages

Avoid lawsuits from service providers

Maintain a good reputation

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